Is there such a thing as doubt?
I strongly believe there is nothing to believe in.
Nothing outside looking at, no middle or inbetween.
No silence moment or deafening shout.

Is there such a thing as certainty?
There has never had any true as never will be any shadow.
We only drink our ilusions. We have all swallowed.
The only doubt has disguised as certainty.

Guarantee of the mirror is the presence of its own reflection.
Staring at all points and all vectors going in any direction.
Reality is just the deepest hand holding the biggest mirror.
Who has never had one proud good or one disgracful error.
And rests in the nowhere whitout certain position or location.

This play as life is has drama, comedy and horror.
This play has a lonely audience.
Shining outhere in the absence.
I am the presence of crowded silence.

Doubt and certainty are unknown words
to define what we call: our lonely only Lord.