I found you there

There is something behind every door, behind any single particle of dust.
And I found you there.

There is light hidden under the nails.
I found you there.

All the time contained in one breathe, in each phoneme you blow.

The universe, as infinite it seems, the finiteness of its own word. All and all.
Multiple universes surrounding so unapproachable.
With mass-less matter in the sand of our deepest imagination, with the evidence of its existence just by default.
They are there. And all around me lacks color and sound if I can someway feel the fact of your existence.

Does it matter? With you no more distance. Around you no more passing. Entangled such corpuscles across the distance and way beyond the Horizon.

It is your body, your very warm aura, reason enough to intangible buildings of faith and hope.
I swim in the river of your voice, I walk now in each print of your entropy.
With no edges nor boundaries.
Transmutable walls like bricks in-between the day and the night.

We both in an eternal dawn, we as the perpetual dawn fusing the contrasts together, giving meaning, creating opposing party for each being, filling out in fundamental contents.

Chained in the need of no chains. Tied in the need of no strings.

Simply the perception and conviction of myself into you converged.